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Welcome to the Greatest Show in Eberron!

Poe’s Fantastical Show

Everyone please email me your character information and backstory so we can do any plot necessary tweeking.

Guidelines and Warnings

1. You’re in a circus, that means you have an act. :)

2. Orphans beware, you better flesh that bizatch out.

3. Be sure to answer the following:

Who taught you your skills?

Where did you learn them?

How religious are you?

What is your country of origin?

So, what were you up to during the war?

4. Everyone has been with the show anywhere from 3 months to 2 years, player’s decision. At some point you did something impressive enough for Poe to recruit you. Maybe she sprung you from jail, saw you in battle, or heard about something you did from a ‘source’. So….what did you do?

Main Page

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