Bard - Ring Master


Str 10 Con 15 (+2) racial Dex 16 Chr 17 (+2) racial Wis 14 Int 15

Bardic Training :Ritual Caster 2 rituals, one bard specific

Virtue of Valor: When an ally within 10 squares reduces and enemy to 0 hit points or bloodies them (lvl 11) add 5 + Con mod temp hit points.

+1 to untrained skill checks

Song of Rest: +Cha mod hit points to healing surge during short rest.

Majestic Word: Minor, Personal, Arcane, Healing +5 to next diplomacy check until end of my turn

Trained in: Arcana Acrobatics Diplomacy (+2) racial Insight (+2) racial Streetwise

Vicious Mockery At Will

One Creature Chr vs. Will Standard 1d6+Chr mod damage target takes -2 penalty to attack rolls until the end of your next turn



What you know:

Poe was an adventurer and somewhere along the line something went sour and she started doing item retrival on her own. She’s recruited you to take over the grunt work of it and is “focusing on other things.”


Eberron 4e -1 kick3